If you just noticed your dryer is not heating, starting or having any other issue. Call Us Today (760)388-0902. We have same-day dryer repair service in Vista, Ca 92083. The Vista Appliance Repair Team can help you diagnose your dryer problem today. Before your dirty clothes start pilling up. Our factory certified & trained appliance technicians can repair your dryer today. Licensed & insured appliance repair company in Vista.

Dryer Problems We repair In Vista Ca

Dryer not heating repair in vista ca 92084

Dryer not heating

There are many reasons that your dryer could stop heating. From a simple repair to a more complex repair. One of the most common problems we find are related to the dryers heating element, blown fuse, defective thermostat, or even electrical & gas issue.  

Dryer not starting repair in Vista Ca 92084
dryer not spinning

A broken dryer belt can stop your dryer from spinning. Many times we also find other things that stop your dryer from starting like worn drum bearings, worn drum rolls, drum roller axles &  worn drum glides. 

dryer not spinning repair in Vista ca 92084
dryer not starting

If your dryer is not starting. Call Us Today (760)388-0902. Your dryer could not be starting due to a broken start switch, bad thermal fuse, faulty door switch & bad power supply. 

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Same Day dryer Repair

We have same day service calls in Vista & all North Coutnty San Diego.

Free dryer Diagnostics

Our appliance diagnostics is free. When your repair your appliance with us.

We Carry All the appliance parts

Our service vehicles carry all the most common refrigerator parts.

Most frequent questions and answers

We do offer dryer repair on the weekends in Vista, Ca 92083.

Your dryer sheets could clog your lint filter. Make sure to clean after every load to prevent any airflow problems. 

Our dryer repairs are covered by one year part warranty. We also cover the labor with a 30 days warranty.

The most common reason your dryer is taking a long time to dry could be bad airflow. The amount of air going trough your dryer could impact the time your clothes can take to dry. Make sure to check your filter & venting hose. If that those not fix the problem check your heating element or thermostat. 

The average drying time for a dryer is around 30 to 45 minutes. If your dryer is taking more than the average time. You should have the Vista Appliance Repair Team inspect your dryer.